Saturday, 18 May 2013


I can't believe, it's actually been one full month since we arrived in Dominica. So I want to give a recap of the cool things we've done.

Day 1 - We ate vegetarian curry rice while gawking at the beautiful Picard River. While waiting for our food, we anxiously attempted to capture a shot of a cow crossing this bridge. We saw hundreds of cows all over the streets of India in January & February, so we felt right at home here, but the setting now seemed surreal in a different way.... like this:

Why did the cow cross the bridge? To get to the next field of luscious greens, before taking a refreshingly clean and cool bath, before hopping over some brush to bask in the warm Caribbean sun on a volcanic-black sand beach. All more or less clean and sanitary.

Weekend 1 - Despite the downpour, we were too excited to see more of the island. So, we headed down to the Rosseau Valley & Trafalgar Falls. We couldn't swim in this delightfully warm water, but we did meet a Rasta Man who sold us a wooden flute. I'm pretty good. Okay, I can't play any full songs, but I'm working on an interpretive piece inspired by the local birds. It's gonna give you chills, I promise! 

Week 1 - We ate breakfast on this porch every morning at De Champs Comfortel. The staff spoiled us with custom, made-upon-arrival breakfast of gluten free corn-bannana pancakes. 

Week 2 - We were so delighted to move into our beautiful duplex style apartment/cottage at Kootney Resorts. This place was designed like a super aerated yacht, and it sometimes reminds me of my aunt Pat's old house in Madisonville. I'm not quite sure why, but it must just be that yachty influence in the architecture. I think she would really like this place, and my landlords, Trish and Angus. So when we first arrived, Trish, Angus, and their son Kyle took us out to their "country home" in Syndicate. Holy cow, the view was breathtaking. Their sweet little A-Frame camp style home is high up on the mountain overlooking the sunset of the Caribbean Sea. The property was once some kind of fruit farm, so edibles were abounding. And the cutest touch of all, the lawn was beautifully maintained by the family of goats. Here's some pictures from Syndicate.

Weekend 2 - We went on two tours organized by the Ross Welcome Committee. Saturday we went to Syndicate Falls (just up the road from Trish & Angus') and Sunday we did a big tour. We stopped for scenic views of the Atlantic, went to the Carib Indian territory, and stopped in for a swim for the UNESCO world heritage site, Emerald Pool. We travelled on buses which made for quite the interesting journey. Highlights on the bus included: a smoking bus engine, driving over bridges covered in water..... Hugging tight turns, and our driver pulling over to pick lemon grass for those of us feeling a bit queazy. It was all stunning. See below! 

Week 3 - Steve's first week as a medical student. Okay so orientation counts right? I had to take the Jackson-traditional first day of school photo. Here he is on his way to school!

Weekend 3 - The big, the furious, the rumored... the BOILING LAKE HIKE. Steve was so stoked about this hike from the day he learned about Dominica. So, of course, before the first day of classes, he HAD to do it. He was afraid of sitting in class daydreaming about the day he would finally get to the Boiling Lake, so it was important to stomp out this potential distraction, and make a trip of it ASAP. It was amazing. I will do another post just about Boiling Lake, but for now, here's a picture of the lake. Yes, it is boiling.

Week 4 - Steve's first week of classes, the White Coat Ceremony, my birthday, a trip to Boeri Lake, Papillote, mother's day.... I promise to give all the deets. 

Week 5 - Getting in the groove... setting into motion some work, ie teaching yoga and dance!! Yippeee! And drinking smoothies with Rikki (among other things of course)!

I'll leave you with my most uplifting moment of today: After teaching a trial class with Trudy of Rainbow Yoga, and my neighbor and fellow yogi, Hannah. Hannah complemented my teaching style saying (something to the effect of) "it's so nice to be sung to in a yoga class." Made me realize that all that singing I've done over the years is playing out in my yoga teaching style, and that just made me feel plain good about my life thus far. 

Love to all. Peace to all.       Jenny

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  1. It makes me feel just plain good about your life to read this blog, too!