Saturday, 25 May 2013

Mamma Says: Don't Forget to Drink Your Salt Water

What's that mamma says? Drink my salt water, elhhhh!

Actually you should, and here's my story to share to prove why:

Not too long ago, in March to be exact, I was traveling in India when I had a funny thing happen. After flying from Rajasthan --> Chennai, taking an ambassador taxi from Chennai --> Thirivunamalai --> Climbing a steep sacred Shiva mountain (Arunachala) --> Driving back from Thirivunamalai to Chennai in the span of two days, I had an intense headache and some symptoms of vertigo overcome the body. Woah. I'm not going to go into details beyond offering the dizzy travel schedule, but trust me, it was a strange hazy weird experience.

Visiting Fatehpur Sikri outside of Agra

Well, thank the good Lord that we were staying at the Sivananda Yoga Centre in Chennai, where the angel of a director, Haripriya, took us in and give us a comfortable place to stay. I was feeling horrible for feeling horrible at the Chennai Centre. I had hoped that I'd be of some service there. I had wanted to close off our trip with some hefty last minute India shopping before coming back to the States, and I had wanted to teach a Yoga class of two. Well those desires were nubbed by the trippy illness that had overcome me. And, anyway, thank god I didn't buy a bunch more stuff that I didn't need to carry around with me for the next 2 to 5 to 10 years. But importantly, what did I learn from this?

Drink your daily salt water! I was experiencing an intense level of dehydration. Like Dominica, South India has a hot tropical climate. I hadn't enough water during the travels, nor on my way up and down Arunachala. It got to me. Big Time. Haripriya had also experienced dehydration when first moving to Chennai a few years back, and salt water is what now keeps her healthy and balanced.

Even if we do consistently drink water throughout the day, sometimes it just wont be enough because of the high level of perspiration the body releases.

Here's the solution:

1. Really good salt, the good healthy stuff. Not table salt that is highly refined. What she recommended to me was Himalayan Rock Salt. In Roseau, there is a health food store called Fresh Vitamins on King George V that carries Himalayan Salt. I snagged this. Before I found Fresh Vitamins, I was using sea salt from IGA.

2. Heat about a cup or so of water of the stove and stir in one teaspoon of salt at a time. Continue stirring in spoons of salt until the water is fully salinated, hence the salt no longer dissolves. It doesn't take too much, maybe three spoonfuls. Maybe a little more or less depending on your location and other various factors.

3. Store that salinated water in a cup. I keep mine in a tea cup and store it in the fridge.

4. Daily, Take another small cup of water and add one teaspoon full of the salinated water.

5. Drink.

6. Listen to your body. If it wants more, you can add a little extra of the salinated water, or drink a whole additional cup.

You may want to supplement your salted electrolyte beverage with a coconut water - I get some from the shacks - or some sugary fresh juice. You need both salt and sugar to replace that Gatorade. BTW this is much healthier than Gatorade...

In still adjusting to the heat of the island, I have experienced the body actually feel that same dizzy sickness, and I know now it's from dehydration. Drink lots of water, and please don't forget your simple, healthy salt water.

I mean, I guess you could just go down to the sea, take a swim, and swallow a few sips. It's up to you!

Just one side story before I go: founder of Guerney's Inn, a famous inn in Montauk, NY lived until 90. You know what he swore by? A nice solid gulp from the Atlantic Ocean everyday of his life. From India, to New York, to Dominica. Go figure.

Peace ya'll. Try it and let me know how it goes! I'd love to hear your experiences. 


  1. I opt for the sea water. I definitely get more than a teaspoonful when I accidentally swallow it :) but this sounds good for the days I don't make it down to the ocean to snorkel! I'll just add it to the list of things to drink in the morning right under apple cider vinegar and coconut oil

  2. I also have a long list of things I drink in the morning, ha!... the coconut oil I use on my face and cook with it, the apple cider vinegar I use on my hair... more on that later. Heard of the "no shampoo" method?

    1. You have the softest skin ever. Tell us all the things you do, please.

  3. Hey Jenny,

    I saw this post via Facebook, and it's a great idea! I think I am losing a lot of salt out in the hot, humid Dominican environment :)

    Also, I have been hearing and seeing a lot about the 'no shampoo' method and heard it can take the frizziness out of hair...Which I need help with! You've seen me!! What's your take on the 'no poo' method?

  4. Brittany!

    I love no poo! Love it, seriously. It took a while for my head to get used to it and my hair looked a little greasy - but that was way better than the serious rash on my eye lids which had to be covered with cakes of makeup for my wedding (which of course didn't help the allergic reaction). But even if you're skin isn't as sensitive to glutenous products as mine, I've heard others that swear by no pooing. haha.

    Now friz wise - well I don't really have any complaints - but I've been wearing my hair wavy for a while. My biggest thing is the simple and healthy ingredients. Looking at the back of those shampoo bottles makes my whole body itch now. Anyway, here's a link.

    I mix a bunch of baking soda in a little closable dish with a little water. Then I just use apple cider vinegar straight. Yah, with all the rain, I can often get a whiff - but apple cider vin smells better than the plain one.

    Now - don't let your hair get in the way of that Russian language stuff your learning over at Ross.

  5. Wow Jenny- you weren't kidding when you said you wrote me a long post; well here is my long reply :)

    My skin is not sensitive to gluten per se but I have eczema so it's sensitive to everything, very dry and itchy. Back home I used natural shampoo and conditioner without harsh chemicals so my skin would not be itchy and break out into a rash from the shampoo.(I have had rashes on my face too, but never on my eyelids and never for such a huge day!! I sympathize with you,though!)

    Anyway, here they don't have shampoo that plays nice with my scalp and hair. I figured this would be the case before I came down but I thought 'I am only going to be here a year and a half so I can just suck it up.' But since I have seen so much about the 'no poo' I figured I might as well try it! There is not better time than now.

    I let you know how it goes... Now it's back to Russian, and leaning about Endoplasmic Reticulums.... Try not to be too jealous lol