Thursday, 30 May 2013

Nostalgic for Texas

This morning, as I gazed into the bay from Purple Turtle Beach, I felt a real longing for home. With so much beauty here, I always want to knock myself a little for thinking like this. Waiting for a yoga class to come and talking to the local grounds keeper, Desmond... I was feeling that life just wasn't easy. I know that each day is a gift, but what I wouldn't give for a steady business... and some Austin vibe within reach. The class never showed, and while I waited I began to envision the design of a shop I'd like to build and open in Austin. Beautifully rustic-hand crafted interior, Indian (in all sense of Indian - native, East & West) style clothing, and provisions related to healing arts. Today... I miss Texas, but I know that this is just an emotion along the path to freedom.

Still, some relived Texas love:

I love restored victorian homes that double as music venues and triple as haunted houses

I love kittens under Christmas Longhorn trees

I loved when we brought all of our friends to Austin for a wedding

I love the oak trees, and the smell of mesquite

I love Blair and Gypsy 

I love music festivals under oak trees

I love ice skating on the Whole Foods balcony when it's 60 degrees F out

I love biking across the pedestrian bridge over Town Lake

I love romantic nights amidst outdoor christmas lights and sparklers

Now with my welling of tears, I'm chokin' em back. I'm taking a deep breath... listening to the chirping of the birds that turns to rain. I'm turning on some Bob Marley. I'm seeking that happiness from within. Seeking freedom while full of nostalgia, not a bad place to be... and then I find this video. A proper way to close.

One Love.