Monday, 10 February 2014

Life in Semesters: Part Deux

I left you with a return from Miami. Well, rest assured that in the short period that I was back in Dominica before heading back to the states for the holidays was an exciting one. Our house was robbed a few times by some local kids who were up to no good. At first I was scared, but once I learned that the youngest of the team, and the one sent through the window was a mere 9 years old, I was just sad. This explained the missing freezy pops and the tosstled chocolate chip cookies in the fridge. You know, unfortunately for me, I lost a bicycle seat, but much worse for that young boy is how he is being influenced by his elder peers in such formative years. To take from others, to invade privacy, to deceive a Ross student by asking to use his bike pump as an opportunity to find what more could be his. I laugh when I think of the missing freezy pops, but I tear up to think of that boy's situation. Thankfully, everyone was caught and got their admonishment. Most of our property was recovered, and security was increased at our place. In the end... what can you do? As a wise yogi friend once put it... the question is not why did they steal from me, but rather why did I steal in the first place? This is just the ripening of a karmic fruit.

Not long after, Steve was finished with his exams and it was time for us to travel to Texas for the holidays. It pained us to leave kitten behind for more than 3 weeks, but I was looking forward to a little change of scenery and the chance to spend some time at home with my family. Christmas is always festive with my mom! So we boarded our two planes (of course successively), and it was by a stroke of grace that we made it home in one day without any issues and with all of our baggage in hand at IAH.

Christmas time was enjoyable as we scooted around Houston to watch/listen to various performances of Handel's Messiah, went to the movie theater, and took long epic walks through a city that is much-too-rarely walked about. We were overwhelmed by the amount of driving that was required. And the was Christmas time, so on a few occasions we felt ourselves drained. Most importantly though, Steve and I got to spend almost all of our time together. Although we've been together - so to speak - in Dominica, he has really needed to focus on school, while I've been up to other non-medical-school things.

But our highlights were definitely our time with nephew Magnus - and his parents of course ;) - and our trip to Austin for our anniversary, a city that just suits us and nurtures our outdoor spirit.

Now, the photo story:

Morning cup at the lake house

Christmas performance going

At the Wortham for the Nutcracker Ballet

Shoes donated by Mom's friends to take back and distribute in Dominica

A little turtle watching at the Arboretum Nature Center during a walk from the parent's house

Visit with baby V at the Valero's house

Mom's new house at Christmas

Christmas dining room

Our first Magnus meal out

Magnus and parents 

Visit at Kemah Boardwalk

Austin for a little Anniversary getaway

Exploring for dinosaur tracks


Faberge Exhibit at the Museum of Natural Science, Houston

Magnus Photo Shoot at Herman Park

Memorial Park Driving Range

Magnus meets cows for the first time

Babyy Baby Magnus

Annnd curtain close.