Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Stir It Up

Little darlin' stir it up..... Your recipe is, - darlin' - is so tasty, when you show and stir your pot. (ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh).

I have been cookin' lots lately, lots and lots. It's much more practical for us budget wise, and on an energetic level its more healthy. You see, the thoughts and mental juju of the cook go into the food, did you know that? Well, it is true. Do a taste test between one meal cooked with love and another, same ingredients, cooked with depression and anger. I can guarantee the meal cooked with love is going to taste better and effect the body in a more agreeable manner. Maybe I could even find some scientific evidence to prove this. The first thing that comes to mind is the book Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto. This is an experiment that shows the energetic effects of words on molecules of water. Positive words like love make pretty crystal shapes. Angry messages like I'm going to kill you make awful looking shapes. Ick, just thinking about the negative effects makes my skin crawl. Look it up, it's good stuff. 

I have learned through the study and practice of Yoga that not only should we eat the freshest most healthful foods, but foods with the most prana (or life force). For example, freshly picked spinach, all lively and green is much better than wilted spinach, and even better than frozen spinach, which loses its alive-ness when it goes into frozen mode. We literally are what we eat. The food we eat transforms into our flesh, blood, and bones. 

Another facet to my husband's and my mindful approach to food is that we try to avoid foods that will make us unstable. For me, very cold foods can make me sleepy, hazy, and even pretty gassy (I'm sure you wanted to know!) For Steve, acidic foods, onions, and garlic, not only make his breath stinky but give him more tendency towards anger. These specific traits that guide our diets can be explained more broadly in terms of Ayurveda, or the science of traditional medicine which originated in ancient India. If you need any help understanding what foods are best for your body type and demeanor, ask me about it, I can either help or guide you to some useful texts. 

Now onto the Jackson-Miller Dominican kitchen highlights:

Coconut Rice & Lentils

The recipe off of the back of Silk Coconut Milk for coconut rice is insanely good! Add dry roasted coconut flakes on top, words can't explain. 

The French lentils are super easy. Just boil and simmer for 20 minutes, then add salt, fresh herbs like rosemary, and a little olive oil. 

Plain avocado is enhanced with some salt, ground black pepper, and maybe a little olive oil. 

Silk Coconut Rice Recipe:

1 cup jasmine rice
1T coconut oil
1.5 cup coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt
Toasted coconut flakes 

1. Coat rice in coconut oil over medium/low heat 120sec

2. Add coco milk and salt, bring to boil
3. Turn down to simmer, cook 15-20 min
4. Fluff, add toasted flakes on top.
French lentils, coconut rice, and fresh avocado.

Indian Style Dal  
A standard in our house - dal with red lentils. I was stoked when IGA had fresh cilantro AND red lentils, so I made this.


Chief Brand Curry Mix
Oil of your choice (I used almond I think, which I brought from the states, but you can use any as long as you don't over heat the olive oil)
Whatever other veggies you have - here we used some red potatoes that our neighbor brought by
Fresh cilantro if you have some
Jalepeno Pepper

Coat the pot with oil and heat

Add ab a T of curry powder and stir in and mix, opening up the tumeric but not overheating cause it will burn!
Stir in ginger coat and cook for a few minutes
Add in potato (or other root veggies) coat add salt to taste
Cook and simmer in oil and spice for 10-15 mins, feel it out
Add 2 cups water
Add 1 cup washed red lentils
add salt
Bring to a boil, then turn down and simmer about 15-20 minutes - lentils should be all mushy
Stir in fresh cilantro
Add some pepper


Indian style daal with West Indian curry mix

Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies
We've participated in 2 bake sales now, Ross is home to many of these. I am using bake sales as an excuse to perfect chocolate chip cookies because I can't buy them already made here. I found a recipe on the blog Peas and Thank You - Find it HERE 

I found the flours I needed (oat and brown rice) & xantham gum at Fresh Vitamins in Roseau. Everything else came from IGA - though I had to stalk the baking isle for the arrival of chocolate chips. Oh, and haven't used vanilla, cause haven't found the gluten-free-certain kind yet.
Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

I finally gathered enough unsalted, un-roasted nuts and dried fruit to make some granola. It was pretty good, though a little chewy. Next time, I'll have to boost the heat up higher. But first... will have to scrounge for all my nuts again... like a squirrel.
Gluten Free Granola Mix

Chia Seed Breakfast of Champions
I spent entirely too much on these Chia Seeds and Hemp Oil from Fresh VItamins, but I've been enjoying my Aztec super food. I feel the body getting stronger with every chewy chia seed. I add the organic Dominican honey that I've been getting from another spouse on campus who is helping out an organic farmer, Jah Call. We're calling his products Nature Warrior I believe, and a bunch of us have banned together and voted on starting a co-op. I can't wait! We've heard that Jah Call is humbled by our interest. It's one of those special win-win things that brings sweetness to all of our lives here on the island.

New breakfast habit - Chia Seed with hemp oil and Dominican honey

Gluten Free Mac & Cheese
And finally, the jam - gluten free mac and cheese. Today was my first attempt, and Steve and I both were amazed by the magic that happened in the oven. Here's how this process went:

Cook the gluten free macaroni purchased from Astaphan's in Roseau
Grated as much cheese as possible - white cheddar, mozzarella, and orange cheddar. Almost too much to fit in the baking dish.. almost.
Rinsed mac with cool water - put in baking dish
Added olive oil, about a T of milk, butter, salt, cracked pepper, and the very large bowl of cheese. Saved it for after Yoga class to bake.
Baked at between setting 3&4 - 325ish - (most ovens here don't seem to have temperature markings) It was a little lower than the standard baking setting which is between 4&5 at our apartment (350ish to 375ish)
Baked for about 15-20 minutes
Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

Next time I go to Roseau, I'm picking up ingredients for making pies.... so stay tuned. I'm thinking mango pie. Never made a pie before. It's going to be awesome.

Love to all, Peace to all.

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