Thursday, 20 June 2013

Love for Coconut Oil

I would like to share with you my love for coconut oil. This aromatic oil has many health benefits, for which I urge you to read the linked article from Wellness Mama who has an informed approach at describing this in detail.

I am particularly inspired by a great website that I've recently become privy: Mind Body Green. From which, I daily find myself reposting articles. MBG posts articles that are info dense in the health and wellness sphere and fun to read. Anyway I was getting a kick out of this article 20 Signs You're A Wellness Junkie (Hilarious). Going through mentally, saying yes.. check to that, yes to that, and definitely yes to You’ve made peace with the fact that you smell like coconut oil. What else would you use to cook, moisturize, remove makeup, floss, and fuel your car? 

So I don't fuel my car with it... yet, but I do use it extensively on a daily basis. I've turned my sister in law onto it for moisturizer, and I myself lather head to toe with it in place of lotion. I also use it for near everything in the kitchen. It can handle the high heat, and it just enhances the flavor of just about everything. (I haven't found a time when I've thought, nope, using a different oil next time).

So why am I so obsessed with coconut oil? Well, a teacher of mine, and Ayurvedic practitioner, Lalita Devi, first turned me onto coconut oil mixed with neem oil for my face due to some tenacious adult acne. (yuck!) While it helped a little, I was able to find that my gluten allergy was the cause... but that's another story. Anyway, in Ayurveda I learned that skin is considered an organ. A major component of overall health is through oleation of the skin organ. Huh?! So I learned that our skin soaks everything up, moving absorbed nutrients (or toxins) into the blood and bones which circulates all through the body. A crazy novel thing I was learning! A real game changer in my life actually. After that I really began taking a close look at ingredients in my beauty products. I urge you all to do the same. Whatever you're puttin' on that skin's going into your whole body!

From Ayurveda, I learned that coconut oil is particularly cooling for strong and more fiery body types (aka Pita Dosha). For a face that requires moisture, but light moisturizer at that, coconut oil has become my entire cosmetic supply kit. I don't need much else. And since moving to tropical Dominica, due to it's cooling properties, coconut oil is a great choice not just for face but for everything: applied both topically and absorbed through nutrition.

I can tell you from personal experience that when we use coconut oil on our bodies we actually contribute to a healthier immune system, but go ask a holistic/Ayurvedic doctor about the specifics on that one. I also hear that it contains a natural SPF... but I don't rely on it for a full few hours exposed in the sun, only on cloudyish days when I'm not going to be in the sun for long.

Enough rambling, now uses:

1. Face Moisturizer

2. Whole Body Lotion

3. Food!

5. (specific favorites for 5, 6, 7) Coconut rice

6. Coconut curry or Dal

7. Frying (not that frying is so healthy, but I loved my coconut oil fried okra).

8. Adding to anything in your daily diet, as 20 ml a day is good for brain function and memory

9. A tonic for fresh wounds

9. A mild sun block

Now that I'm writing, I'm realizing my list doesn't seem all that extensive, but it really is a big part of this household. Try it for yourself. Read the articles I've linked so that you know some of the super groovy health benefits. And then... never turn back!

Peace Ya'll,



  1. I just want to add some places to purchase in Dom. Although coconuts grow in abundance in this island, sometimes the oil is hidden. Here's where I've found so far. Please feel free to add to this list if you know other spots:

    1. IGA has been stocking it for the past month or so
    2. Portsmouth market on Saturday mornings usually has it, you may have to ask around to find the vendor
    3. The bar at Batibou Beach. They make and sell it, and this was some of the best oil I've purchased. I should have bought more bottles.
    4. Fresh Vitamins in Roseau stocks expensive imported oil
    5. Ask locals. Someone always knows someone else who makes it and can get you bulk for a good price. But beware of island time waiting period :)

  2. Hey Jenny,

    I've got a couple more for you from our house:

    Try using it as a conditioning hair mask (I'm in love with it. I put it in before sauna, and wash it off afterwards), and also mix it with a few drops citronella as an excellent all-over mosquito repellent! Way more effective than just the citronella, and as you know, it'll moisturize at the same time! We also use it as a furniture polish. Just buff with a microfibre cloth (cheaper and better for you than whatever you buy at the store). Finally, mix it with brown sugar and a drop of vanilla extract (mostly just for the scent) and you've got a super body scrub! Tanja told me that one.

    Miss you!
    Alexandra (and Magnus, who is sitting next to me)