Saturday, 27 July 2013

July Fun & Explorations

I have been waiting for some super inspiration to hit me over the head. I wanted to wow you all with a fancy blog post on something healthy and/or magical and/or profound. But I haven't come across it yet. So instead, a simple post.

One really unique thing to do in Dom is to go see baby turtle hatchings.

Isn't he just the cutest thing?!

Another obvious fun outing: Go to the beach your RSO friends. Number 1 Beach was pre-tty cool. Also where a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed. We swam in the river that flows to the ocean. That was one good beach day.

And then there's the Kalinago Indian Reserve. I had gone exploring to meet the medicine man of the tribe and learned about the 110th anniversary of the reserve. So I came back and brought a few (daring as they were) friends along. It wasn't very organized, and one of those - who knows what's gonna happen kinda things - turned out we learned a few things and had ourselves a nice little cultural outing. 

my personal favorite costume right there.

And for one more taste of island adventure: Today I went on a hike where we climbed down the face of a mountain using ropes to reach a waterfall feeding into the Atlantic. Spectacular.

In other news, I have added a new job to my calendar. That makes it officially 4 (5 if you count babysitting my friends babies) budding Domincan professions so far. Yoga teach, dance teach, standardized patient actor, and now hotel marketer. Just as long as these things enhance this adventurous life, I love adding them to my active list!

Peace friends and fam. Love ya'll!


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