Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Musing Dominica

I remember it well, being back in New York and musing over life in Dominica. I remember mentioning to my MBA colleagues at Baruch about a potential move to the Caribbean for my (at the time) boyfriend to attend Ross. . I remember their reactions: "Oh my gosh, you should go!" or "how amazing," and "I wish I could move to a Caribbean island."

The fact that this became real, wow, I just never really thought it was going to happen. This is what Steve and I wanted, and as I look back I realize life really can become what you dream. Of course, in those distant-far-off-fairytale-like dreams, we never remember to insert fault and difficulty, but nevertheless, I believe that if you can dream it you can achieve it. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why we should be careful what we dream.

So we moved to Dominica in April, but didn't even really know that this was the plan come December. We decided to finalize our decision by January as we would be headed off to India for 7 weeks and needed a solid idea of what we would do when we returned. Post marriage, post India... back in the Catskill mountains of New York I scheduled flights and made arrangements, apartment searched online, and signed a lease. I daydreamed about what life on this tropical island paradise would be like. I read about the 365 rivers, 12 major waterfalls, and 1 boiling lake. I relayed information about the indigenous people to my friends and dreamt about the many fruit trees. What would I do there? Where or how would I work? I had many ideas about what my life was going to look like in Dominica while also attempting to keep an open mind.

Making arrangements for Dominica - that white is snow

This was my dreamy, far away, surreal projection of life in Dominica:

I would sew. Not sure what, maybe finally I would attempt some decently wearable clothes!

I would snorkel and swim and my heart and mind would be infinitely soothed by underwater silence, bright colors, and mother nature's mystique.

I would teach yoga. I would practice yoga. I would meditate. I would lead meditations, silent walks on the beach and early morning beach meditations.

I would go on nature walks with my friends. I would have time for friends!

I would explore the native culture of the island. I would investigate basket weaving. Maybe I would learn, or maybe I would facilitate a relationship between the Santa Fe Folk Art Market and basket weavers from Dominica.

I would further my knowledge of essential oils. I would learn about the process and what was available on island. I would study my new aromatherapy book... or at least use it as interest arose.

I would cook and learn to use a crock pot and experiment with Caribbean cuisine.

I would read.

I would ride my bike.

I would hike.

I would explore the hot springs.

I would take care of my love.

Would I finally be able to learn and practice fire poi?


These were my dreams as I remember them. It is interesting reflecting back in comparison to snap shots taken once on island. Some of the dreams have taken root, woven, twisted, and taken form as something new. Some of them have become nothing more than a few hours or days of attention. Some have evolved into thriving practices, experiences, and relationships. None of them exactly as I imagined. However, most of what I dreamt, I did feel into existence.

And what do I mean by that? How did I feel my dreams into existence? Some very sage words of advice now arise from my memory. About 2 years ago, I was having a conversation with our friend Pranava at the Yoga Retreat in the Bahamas. Who really knows what we were talking about, but whatever it was brought this from him: (paraphrasing from memory) "It is not so important imaging what we want for the future, but instead projecting what we want to feel in the future." Yep. I digested that and didn't forget it. I used it and it has served Steve and me very well. As I thought of Dominica, I projected feelings of love, contentment, peace, surrender, happiness, and companionship. I have achieved these sensations of the heart. By doing this, and in looking back, I am not disappointed in what I have not done or have not been able to do, but I am satisfied that I have continually sought these positive states of being.

I recommend this practice to all. When you think of tomorrow, think of love. When you think of your next job, feel contentment and success. When you think of success, feel all your most positive associated emotions. When you think of your life down the line a few years out, imbue happiness and peace. This practice is truly powerful and rewarding.

I want to close by saying that life on island now is better than ever. I am blown away by all the many special moments and experiences I am having. Of course, I am making a conscious effort to engage in the the ways I want, but it is paying off. A place between intention and surrender. Life is sublime.

Love to all, Peace to all.

Om Namah Sivaya.


  1. Yes, Pranava had a part to play in this experience...

  2. So glad you guys (err, I'm probably supposed to write y'all) are happy and that you both have pursued opportunities that fulfill your dreams! We're so happy for you.

    JAMM ;)

    1. Alex - I get caught between the New York 'you guys' and Texas 'ya'll' all the time. So many of my friends here are from the south, so I am re-embracing ya'll! haha. I miss you guys so much, but am suuuuuuuuper duper proud of team JAMM Jam!

  3. It takes a special person to enjoy this island - 9 volcanos; 20 + mountains; small population; natural environments galore - you embraced this island and I watch your movements with raspect and admiration. Thank you for teaching yoga for Rainbow Yoga; you are an amazing teacher and it is a privellege to work with you

    1. Trudy, to know you and teach for Rainbow Yoga is truly an honor. I remember being back in New York researching Rainbow Yoga and reading every inch of your site. That was one year ago! I have so much love for you and for the opportunities you have afforded me. So good so good so good.