Friday, 4 October 2013

Quoi de neuf?

Quoi de neuf (French for what's new?) Well, naturally, lots of happenings around here and still plenty of time to relax on island time. We've had birthdays, island trips, med school tests, some incidents of theft, new yoga classes, and now a brand new business. Let me elaborate.

While back home the news is ridden with talk of war and federal government shut down, in Dominica, life has been more simple. We don't have a TV to turn on the show of impending doom, although, we do try to stay in the know... just enough to realize, actually we're glad not to be wrapped up in that. Well that's basically how Steve and I normally live, we try to remain at least somewhat detached from the ways of the world.

So while all that was going down, Steve lost and found his bike which involved a high speed car chase. I went shopping for the house in Roseau and took a trip to jump off some cliffs. Steve aced his first mini, while I started new yoga classes. Right now I have 3 regular yoga classes a week - a free community class with my Ross Spouses Organization peeps, a Mommy & Me class that is a blast, and we've moved The Champs class to Friday mornings. I've been working a few days a week on marketing for The Champs Picard while Steve makes power points and presentations for test reviews and other Teaching Assistant activities (he's a head TA in the anatomy lab). OH and I'm taking French class twice a week, so I am now thinking about going to hang out in a French speaking island to practice at the end of our next French class semester. Martinique anyone? Our incredible new camera went missing (very sad....), BUT I did go to Roseau and register my business this week! So maybe with all the big big bucks I'll be making (ha! big joke) I can buy us a new one. I'm pretty thrilled about the opportunities as a new business owner.

Announcing Yoga Lifestyle Holistic Services! I am now legal to teach yoga and offer other (holistic) business services on the island ;). Funny store about that name. Apparently in Dominica, you can't have your business name be anything that doesn't fully describe what business service you offer. Live and learn people. I am loving the life of an entrepreneur. In November I travel to the Bahamas for my Thai Yoga Massage Certification, which I am suuuuuper looking forward to. I will head to the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat on Paradise Island for 2 and a half weeks. I am so looking forward to living ashram life again for at least some time. I hope to see many of my yogi family members, have some time for growth and reflection, and go deeper in my knowledge of healing through yoga.

I have maintained contact with my friends back in NYC who want to do some wholesale apparel business in the Caribbean. I am interested in helping them - one yogawear and dancewear line, the other fashion-swim. So I am on the lookout for opportunities to develop some sales for them. Both are in the very early phases. I can see selling yoga clothing in the Ross community - if anyone is interested in sweet yoga capris, let me know! And the bathing suits, well this should create an opportunity to do a little more island hopping to some of the more tourist centered islands. Wish me luck!

Oh and Happy 32nd to Steve! His birthday was on Tuesday and the anniversary of our 1st wedding was Monday. And to add to the big week of anniversaries, one day earlier, was the anniversary of the arrival of our kitten to the family. Tuesday brought rain so I made Steve a big lunch and baked him a cake (Gluten and Egg free of course!). And you won't believe (for some that know Steve can be difficult to coral), I was successful in throwing him a surprise party. He was 30 minutes late to his own party and suspected nothing. Even though it was an hour or so long party, I was so thankful that he was able to have that spirited excitement and love from friends on his special day. He's such a special man, it was the least I could do to celebrate him.

Bense Pool Cliff Jump

Stocking Up in Roseau

Night at Screw's Sulpher Spa

Headed out of Bense - that truck was HOT! (and by hot I mean our butts wear burning)
Our Lovely Open Kitchen/Living Room and Some Laundry Hanging
Cake Baking, Icing Making
Cake Time on Steve's Day
Learning to Salsa

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